Termite Pre-Purchase Inspections

Termite Pre-Purchase Inspections

What does Zero Pest Australia guarantee their customers?

To put it simply, we think our guarantees blow the competition out of the water.

If you decide to move forward with one of our full Barrier Termidor Treatments after an inspection, you’ll get a 2 MILLION structural damage Assurance Warranty for your property*.

Similarly, if you decide to engage Zero Pest Australia for a fumigation treatment, we guarantee termite free fumigation results in 6 weeks or we work for free until it is*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

What are the advantages of a Termite Pre-Purchase Inspection?

NOBODY, should buy a property without undergoing a credible pre-purchase inspection. When completed by an experienced professional, this crucial step will:

  1. Give you an accurate overview of the property’s status
  2. Enable you to factor the cost of any work or repairs into your total purchase price
  3. Allow you to plan your financial future with more certainty

How does it work?

Using the most technologically advanced and up-to-date tools, our technicians will give you a complete overview (via a digital report) of any activity within the property.

Beyond thermal imaging cameras which allow us to look within the structure of your property for any lifeforms, we also use the latest in radar equipment which also allows us to pinpoint any unusual moisture.

If your inspection doesn’t uncover any termites, then we will provide you with a fully-customised plan of preventative measures to reduce your future risk.

Unfortunately, finding termites during a pre-purchase inspection is all too common.When that happens, our team will formulate a plan that is specific to both your property and level of infestation.