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Australia has gained the reputation of being a country with a lot of dangerous wildlife. While the stories are often greatly exaggerated, it’s certainly true that we have a multitude of pests that we want to avoid at all costs.

The country’s climate encourages pests to thrive and they can exist in very large numbers. That means, if they get into your property, they can cause a lot of damage and annoyance as well as being a threat to your health. For these reasons, urgent pest treatment in Pakenham is essential.

Recognising and Dealing with Threats

Although there are large varieties of wildlife in Australia, only certain ones are a serious threat. Recognising their presence and dealing with them early will minimise the problems they can cause. The most common pests are:

  • Termites that make nests in or near your property and feed on dead wood that includes furnishings, fittings and the very structure of the building. You’ll first notice flying termites that are moving in to establish new colonies and will also see discarded wings, droppings and, as the infestation grows, damaged wood.
  • Cockroaches that spread bacteria and other organisms, causing a variety of health issues. They’re a particular threat in food establishments where they’ll feed on crumbs and food scraps.
  • Rodents, with rats as a pest being the biggest threat. They gnaw through most things, including electric cables, and carry several harmful diseases. They were blamed for the spread of Bubonic Plague that killed an estimated fifty million people in the Middle Ages and is still around today. For rat removal, get Zeropests to do it for you.
  • Wasps that become a particular problem in late summer when they stop breeding and look for food, becoming aggressive and delivering painful stings if threatened.
  • Spiders that may have extremely poisonous bites that can kill humans.

There are also other pests you may need to deal with, such as birds that nest in your roof and possums that interrupt your night’s sleep. There are some common precautions you can take to deter all pests. These include sealing cracks and holes that allow access, keeping the area clear of garbage that will attract them and generally maintaining your property well so that, for example, there is no build-up of moisture from dripping taps to attract termites.

Pest Control in Pakenham: Seeking Professional Help

There is only so much you can do yourself and DIY treatments are generally not effective. The best way to keep safe is to employ a professional to do the job properly. At Zeropests, we will:

  • conduct an initial pest inspection at Pakenham premises to establish if there is a problem
  • use targeted products and techniques to clear pests from the property without harming anything or anyone else
  • put in place measures to deter future attacks
  • advise you on simple precautions you can take to protect your property.
  • inspect your property annually to ensure there are no further problems.

With our experience and knowledge, you’ll avoid damage to your residential property for inspections, protect everyone’s health and have peace of mind that you’re clear of pests. And, in the long-term, it will be more cost-effective than ignoring the problem or trying to treat it yourself.

From pest control and pest treatments we do them all.

Our services covers multiple locations around Melbourne including: pest control in Hoppers Crossing and pest control Dandenong, and everywhere in between.

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