Possum Control Melbourne

Possum Control Melbourne

What can Zero Pest Australia guarantee me?

Zero Pest Australia provides a written lifetime pest free guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).

Our 5 star service includes a free (valued at $200) photographic pest entry inspection. This will cover the entirety of your home (both inside and out) and will enable our technicians to determine the potential entry points for any pests.

The results of this inspection will determine our course of action, and the methods we use.

How do I know if I’ve got a possum in my property?

Because possums are nocturnal, tree-dwelling animals, it’s most common to find them inhabiting the roof of your property.

The most obvious sign that you’ve got a possum living in your property are frequent banging and scratching sound coming from your walls or ceilings. Additionally, a possums hiss (almost exclusively heard at night-time) is an unmistakable sound, and a surefire sign that you’ve got a problem.

Lastly, if the problem is left unchecked, you might start to notice a strong smell from the possum’s urine. Trust us, you’d rather solve the issue before it gets there.

What can I do if I have possums?

As you probably already know, possums are a heavily protected species, and any attempts to relocate or remove them from a premises must be completed within the narrow confines of the law.

The second you suspect you may have possums, the best course of action is ALWAYS to engage a specialist to determine if it is possums you’re dealing with (and not rodents).

All of our fully-qualified technicians will attempt to remove your possums without the use of cages, which minimises the risk of harm to the animal.