Termite Extermination Melbourne

Termite Extermination in Melbourne, VIC

What does Zero Pest Australia guarantee their customers?

Zero Pest Australia guarantees you termite free fumigation results in 6 weeks or we work for free*
*Terms and conditions apply.

Furthermore, all of our full Barrier Termidor Treatments come with a $2 MILLION structural damage Assurance Warranty for your property.

How can termites enter my home?

Although not all termites feed on wood, they do all live on cellulose, which is found in all plant material. It’s not uncommon for members of a colony to travel hundreds of metres from their nest to find food sources.

If termites that feed on wood do come across your property, they’re most likely to enter through any wood to ground contact. However, it is also common for termites to build mud tubes that allow access to spots several feet above the ground.

What can Zero Pest Australia do to help me?

One of the biggest problems with termites is that you don’t know if you’ve got them, or if they’re doing significant damage, until it is far too late.

The very first thing that our team will do is to give you a better idea of the scale of your infestation. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we will devise a plan for your property. Please note, because no two properties or infestations are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Unlike other providers, we have a full range of repellent and non-repellent treatment methods. Repellants on their own won’t always do the job. The advantage of non-repellants is that termites can’t detect them, so will willingly burrow into the treated area.

The treatment in this area not only kills the burrowing termites, but also gets passed on to the rest of the colony due to the existing social structures.