Pest Control in Werribee

Pest Control In Werribee

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control in Werribee, VIC

The old methods of pest control in Melbourne often involved the extensive use of strong chemicals that were sprayed around an affected property. These, however, were often not the best approach because they killed a lot of harmless creatures as well as the pests they were intended to eradicate. At Zeropests, we do things differently. It is no wonder we are the best pest control in Werribee and Australia

There is now much more awareness and concern for the environment and the harm we can do. As a result, the pest control industry has changed and measures are now specifically targeted at certain pests and will not kill or otherwise adversely affect other creatures.

Pest Treatment in Werribee that’s Totally Effective

Apart from the potentially harmful effects, spraying with toxic chemicals may only be a short-term solution. It may kill the local pests and remove the immediate threat but it won’t change the habitat that attracted those pests in the first place. Consequently, you’re likely to get a re-infestation at some point in the future and so the problem is still there.

Every species of pest has its own specific needs. These include a source of food and moisture, shelter from the elements and predators and the right level of light and temperature. They also need a means of access and, if all these elements are still present, the pests are likely to be back.

So instead of taking the same approach to every pest problem, we start with a pest inspection in Werribee to establish the type and extent of the problem. We’ll then propose a solution that’s tailor-made for you and your property.

The solution is likely to be two-fold. Firstly, to get rid of the current infestation by killing the pests in your property and then modifying the habitat so that pests won’t be attracted to make their nests a second time. We always aim to provide a permanent solution that will protect your property from pests in the future. From termite control to spider control in Melbourne.

The first part of the treatment will likely involve the use of chemicals but these are environmentally friendly and generally less toxic than regular household cleaning products. They include synthetic pyrethroids that are water-based, biodegradable and not harmful to humans. Often, we only need to spray under floors and within roof cavities so living areas are not affected.

Pest Control in Werribee: A Permanent Solution

At Zeropests Australia, all our technicians are fully trained and experienced. They have in-depth knowledge of all pest species, know how they behave and what attracts them. As a result, they also know how to detect and kill them, and how to deter future attacks. And our clients have never been so happy.  Some of them have even been nice enough to leave us some great feedback on our testimonials section.

We are the best pest treatment in Werribee. We’ll work with you to provide a solution you’re happy with and that really solves the problem for good. We’ll keep you fully informed of what we’re doing and let you know if you need to take any precautions while we’re working in and around your property.

After the initial treatment and eradication of the pests, we’ll carry out any necessary modifications to habitat. We’ll also advise you of any actions you need to take to prevent future problems. With us, the pests will be gone for good, not just for a short time.

Our services cover multiple locations around Melbourne including pest control in Point Cook to pest control in Cranbourne, and everywhere in between.

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