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Zeropest Australia’s Intergrated Pest Management ( IPM ) program address the reasons pests may be present in your business and helps prevent future infestations.

Our IPM program consists of:

  • Inspections of facility interior and exterior.
  • Identification of pests and analysis of activity.
  • Treatment of affective areas and implementation of methods for controlling pests.
  • Recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity ( Proofing ). Zeropest Australia will submit Proofing quotation upon request.
  • Continuous evaluation, monitoring of treatment effectiveness and any necessary modifications to treatment plan.
  • Education, upon request, of the facility’s staff, addressing actions and conditions that affect pest activity.

Commercial Rodent Control.

RatSense Rodent Sensor Technology - 

Ratsense – With the introduction of monitoring rodent movement, this new technology offers a quantum leap forward in the management, reporting and monitoring of active rodent populations in commercial facilities. The technology leverages off RatSense sensors which use the IoT network to deliver actual rodent movement via activations from the sensor to your computer dashboard.
The Benefits!
  • The best way to monitor your premises 24/7.
  • Track rodent movement, entry points, congregation and nesting locations.
  • A low-cost, self-powered and self-connected solution.
  • Offering world-class data, analytical diagrams and heat maps.
  • Supply “real-time” data directly to you via the Dashboard Client Interface.
  • Reduce labour intensity of device checking, while improving human resources management
  • Increase rodent hardware and resource efficiencies.
  • Greatly reduce (or eliminate) rodenticide use, waste and reliance on poisons.
  • Vastly improve animal welfare compliance and commitment to our environment.

Rodent Sensor Technology – Optimising Success and Client Peace of Mind!

RatSense uses passive infrared sensors and cloud connectivity to monitor and map real-time rodent movement. The platform generates hot spot tracking, population estimates, insightful analytics and facility maps to remove the guesswork for deploying effective rodent control.



Rats and mice can threaten your company’s property and reputation. A generic commercial mice or rat manual bi-monthly inspection service is risky. Don’t chance it!

Trust Zeropest Australia commercial to rid your business of unwelcome visitors, we have the expertise, technology to take care of your rodent monitoring and service requirements to your premises 24/7.

Call today for your FREE facility rodent monitoring and service treatment evaluation! - 1800 38 66 55


A Scientific Revolution in Bird Abatement!

Zeropest Australia is pleased to offer The Flock Off System, this is a revolutionary, high-tech and humane solution to stop birds from landing on structures IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY.

Flock Off can help eliminate the costs, risks, health hazards and damage caused by birds, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Flock Off - Main Advantages over outdated inferior Elevated Netting:

 Reduced Roof Profile:     Flock Off has a very low height of only 75mm, not 2200mm (or 2.2m) of elevated netting,

Reduced Roof Impact:    Pole installations means thousands of less holes in the roof. Virtually no to limited screwing needed for Flock Off.

Reduced Labour:             Flock Off runs at full perimeter treatment and 7 meter grids if needed,

More Versatile:                 Flock Off allows for easy access and works well with other trades,

Less Visible:                      Birds (extensive Pigeon and Seagulls populations) will be gone, but not evident like netting over entire building's ,

Faster Installation:          The fast installation of Flock Off ensures there is less impact to the facility while work is being completed

Less Weather Impact:     Flock Off has long lasting components and less exposure to heavy wind when compared to elevated netting.



Migratory and territorial birds utilize an internal GPS system connected to a protein production in their eyes that allows them to “see” directionally through earth’s latitudinal and longitudinal gridlines. Flock Off affects this process, creating an Electromagnetic “force field” around any structure that causes birds to simply find it impossible to land. Invisible to humans, this barrier appears to birds as “fireworks” ON/AROUND the surface of their target landing zone. They WILL NOT LAND and will divert elsewhere, FOREVER.Flock Off Delivers this proven technology.


The Flock Off System repels all pest birds.

All migratory and territorial birds use an internal GPS system to navigate through the world. The Flock Off System affects that internal system, so anything from pigeons to starlings will avoid the field created by the installed device. So whether you’re having to deal with seagulls near the ocean, pigeons in the city, or any bird for that matter the Flock Off System is a humane and effective solution to prevent all types of pest birds from causing any more problems. The Flock Off System is the best solution for your bird exclusion needs. It is capable of reducing up to 100% of the nuisance caused by birds. It does not use chemicals, poison or traps, rendering it Environmentally Friendly.

It can be used for commercial buildings, residences, industries, billboards, and more.

When birds fly near the Flock Off system, it disrupts a key protein in their bodies used to navigate. It affects mineral crystals in their beaks and wave receptors in their ears, eyes and brains. When in range of the system, birds are momentarily unable to judge speed, direction, and distance AND are simply unable to land. They cannot adapt to or avoid the effects of Flock Off. Flock Off is harmless to birds, humans and other animals. It is aesthetically pleasing, silent, odorless, and engineered for durability in all environments.



Flock Off has been successfully installed on over 10,000 structures including commercial, residential, agricultural, billboards, signal towers, solar panels, sports venues and utilities. Call Zeropest Australia  today to receive your free site appraisal and put a stop to your bird problem forever!    

Call Zeropest Australia today for your free site appraisal, and put a stop to your problem birds: 1800 38 66 55