Rat Removal Melbourne

Rat Removal Melbourne

Zero Pest Australia are the only pest control provider in Melbourne offering a lifetime guarantee on our work.


Why should I choose Zero Pest Australia when I need rat removal in Melbourne?

If you have a confirmed or suspected rat problem, you don’t want to take any risks. Hiring a professional with years of relevant experience, will enable you to quickly gain an understanding of the the severity of the problem, and what’s required to put it right.

Furthermore, we’ll be able to guide you on what you need to be doing to prevent an escalation of the problem, or from having more rats enter your home in future.

If you don’t like having rats in your home now, you’re not going to grow to love them in the future.

How can a professional rid me of rats?

The removal of rats is primarily done via trapping or rodenticides. Traps can range from simple snare or snap traps, through to more elaborate devices that aim to capture groups of rodents at one time.

The majority of cases will require poison baits to ensure that any infestation is properly addressed. Some rodent species are resistant or immune to the typical anticoagulant baits that you might find in your local hardware store; we only ever use baits that are tried and proven across all relevant rodent types.

Is rat removal safe?

If done properly by an experienced and certified professional, yes. We understand the anxieties people have about introducing rodenticides into their home, especially when there are children and other pets about.

Children and other animals will be unable to remove the bait from the tamper-proof stations, which makes ingestion impossible.

So what do you guarantee?

 We’re the only rat control company in Melbourne offering you either a 5 year or lifetime guarantee on our work.

5 Year Guarantee

Upon completion of work, we’ll provide you with a plan for proofing and barrier to entry. If you follow this, we’re so confident in the results that we’ll happily guarantee the work for 5 years. T&Cs

Lifetime Guarantee

If you engage us to come back out after the successful extermination of your rats  to block and proof your entry points, then we’ll guarantee you to be rat free for life! Full terms and conditions can be found on the appropriate page of our website.