Rat Removal Melbourne

Rat Removal Melbourne

Rat Pest Control in Melbourne, VIC

Rats can cause huge problems when they are living inside a home or commercial space, so if you think that there may be rats in your property, a rat exterminator in Melbourne needs to be called to not only remove them from your dwelling but prevent them from returning. Read More

At Zeropests, our rat pest control technicians are all fully licensed to carry out the extermination, and we can help you to make your home safe and snug once again. We are the best pest control business Melbourne has to offer!

Rat Pest Control: Do You Have Rats in Your Home?

There are different signs that rats leave that could show they are in your home. Rats themselves may be hard to spot, but if you have noticed any of the following, give Zeropest a call for the best rat pest control in Melbourne.

  • Droppings in your home. These are usually small and dark brown.
  • Scratching or scurrying noises from within the walls could be a tell-tale sign of rats.
  • Evidence of gnawing on wood or products around your home.
  • Marks on your walls: a rat’s fur is greasy and often leaves a mark.
  • Signs of a nest from items such as furniture stuffing or loft insulation.

It is important to remove rats from your home because they are known to carry diseases and are, therefore, unsanitary. As well as this, they can also cause a lot of damage to your home by chewing through electrical wires and other areas, which can cause you further problems.

While the thought of having rats in your home can be disturbing, Zeropest can complete rat removal from home and guarantee that they will not return for five years with our plan for proofing and barrier entry.

If you choose to let us block and proof the entry points, we guarantee that your home will be rat-free for life.

As part of our service, we inspect and investigate to determine whether there are rats or any other kind of pest in your home. We then report our findings and treat the problem.

We also take photographic identification of where the pests are entering your home, and this may include both external and internal entryways. We then install preventative measures to stop the rats from coming into your home again, making you feel safe and secure.

f you are still having problems from rats after 14 days, we come back completely free of charge to inspect your home again and treat the problem until it is gone. This is just one of the ways that we are different from other rat pest control companies. We will see your project through to completion, and we make creating a safe home for your family a priority.

Melbourne Rat Removal: Be Rat-Free with Zeropest

We use advanced products and methods to get your job done, so even if other companies have failed to eliminate rats from your home, Zeropests can succeed with our rat pest control. With a lifetime guarantee on our work available, why would you go anywhere else?

Call us today or fill out our online form for Melbourne rat removal, and we will arrange a convenient time for your inspection.

We also offer mice extermination in Melbourne. Generic commercial mice or rat inspection service is risky. Don’t chance it! Trust Zeropest Australia commercial to rid your business of unwelcome visitors.

We provide our pest control services for all of Melbourne. This includes pest control in Craigieburn to pest control in Frankston, and everywhere in between.
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Rat Removal Control: So what do you guarantee?

We’re the only rat control company in Melbourne offering you either a 5 year or lifetime guarantee on our work.

5 Year Guarantee

Upon completion of work, we’ll provide you with a plan for proofing and barrier to entry. If you follow this, we’re so confident in the results that we’ll happily guarantee the work for 5 years. T&Cs

Lifetime Guarantee

If you engage us to come back out after the successful extermination of your rats  to block and proof your entry points, then we’ll guarantee you to be rat free for life! Full terms and conditions can be found on the appropriate page of our website.

Why should I choose Zero Pest Australia when I need rat removal in Melbourne?

If you have a confirmed or suspected rat problem, you don’t want to take any risks. Hiring a professional with years of relevant experience, will enable you to quickly gain an understanding of the the severity of the problem, and what’s required to put it right.

Furthermore, we’ll be able to guide you on what you need to be doing to prevent an escalation of the problem, or from having more rats enter your home in future.

If you don’t like having rats in your home now, you’re not going to grow to love them in the future.

How can a professional rid me of rats?

The removal of rats is primarily done via trapping or rodenticides. Traps can range from simple snare or snap traps, through to more elaborate devices that aim to capture groups of rodents at one time.

The majority of cases will require poison baits to ensure that any infestation is properly addressed. Some rodent species are resistant or immune to the typical anticoagulant baits that you might find in your local hardware store; we only ever use baits that are tried and proven across all relevant rodent types.

Is rat removal safe?

If done properly by an experienced and certified professional, yes. We understand the anxieties people have about introducing rodenticides into their home, especially when there are children and other pets about.

Children and other animals will be unable to remove the bait from the tamper-proof stations, which makes ingestion impossible.

Zero Pest Australia are the only pest control provider in Melbourne offering a lifetime guarantee on our work.