How to recharge your reticulation system

The reticulation system allows for the reinstatement of a chemical barrier around the foundations of the home utilising a network of underground pipes. Using precise control of the chemical application, this system helps to protect against invasion by termites which would otherwise enter from the outside of your home. Chemical levels in the reticulation system should be topped up every three to five years in order to maintain their effectiveness.   As we live in such a high-risk termite state, Zeropest Australia have a vast amount of experience in termite protection and treatment, including termite inspections, monitoring, baiting and pre-construction barriers. We provide quick, safe and responsive pest control solutions backed by the assurance that comes from Zeropest Australia’s Guarantee’s.  

A termite reticulation system refill will have to be done between every 3 to 8 years depending on the type of chemical used. The environment around a house is another factor that determines the time between refills, system checking should be completed every 12 months to ensure functionality of the system. A termite reticulation system is a series of pipes around a building. Once the system is installed it is filled with an appropriate Termiticide. The termite reticulation system has been around for many years. A reticulation system is just one of many ways to help stop termites from causing damage. They are installed in new homes and existing homes.

There are many different reticulation systems available in Australia such as Camilleri, TermX, Altis, Termguard and Reterm. Each system works in the same way but some utilise longer pipes so that there is only one fill point. Each system is designed in a slightly different way depending on the manufacturer.

All manufacturers recommend that regular termite inspections are carried out after installation is complete as per Australian Standards, this is mandatory for guarantee compliance.

If your system has Not been re filled in the last 3 years from installation date, 3 years from last re filling date, have not completed timber pest inspection / termite inspection with the last 12 Months, No durable notice in power Box or No information available to identify required information. Zeropest Australia Will have to conduct timber pest inspection at additional cost prior to re filling reticulation system to determine if timber pest / termites are present to dwelling. 

Zeropest Australia will then be able to issue another 3 Year Guarantee on refilling your reticulation system and supply new durable notice to Power Meter Box as required. 

A termite reticulation system refill cost will vary depending on two main factors, the number of linear meters around the property and the chemical that is used to fill it once it’s installed. There are many different Termicide on the market these days and they all vary in price, Zeropest Australia preferred Termicide is Termidor as it is far superior to others on the market.

A termite reticulation system refill is quite easy to recharge / refill with no real maintenance necessary afterwards. Depending on the type of chemical previously in the system they can also be relatively cheap to refill.  Zeropest Australia prefer to use a  Termiticide such as Termidor as it allows the termites to transport the poison back to the nest / colony eradicating it.

Common Termite Reticulation Refill Station.


Zeropest Australia’s technician will identify the most appropriate Termicide to use and method to treat your particular termite reticulation refill.

You are able to identify when you system is due to be refilled, when it was installed, what system you have installed, how much was pumped into system and when it was last filled by looking in your power meter box.  There should be a sticker from the manufacturer / installer in place identifying all of the above, if NOT don't worry we will assist you.

We are able to determine of site the size of your system using our state of the art satellite measuring software to determine the required quantality of required Termicide to issue quotation.

We have at our disposal an arsenal of treatments that remain long after our departure.   Zeropest Australia back all of our pest control services with the best guarantee’s in Australia because our Pest Control Technicians are highly qualified and only use the most effective pest control products on the market designed to eliminate many different pests in just minutes with no bothersome odour or damage.

Naturally Zeropest Australia will issue another 3 Year Guarantee on refilling your reticulation system and supply new durable notice as required. 

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Guarantee's are subject to the customer / client / Authorised person adhering to, implementing, completing recommendations, completing proofing works and or engaging Zeropest Australia to complete works as stated and noted in section A of official Zeropest Australia Paperwork and or digital paperwork.

Naturally, if you select an additional pest service and we complete the service on the same we will discount the additional service substantially.