Zeropest Australia can help you achieve fast, efficient wasp / bee control and or removal. To get rid of Wasps or bees, it is important to identify the species before attempting to remove or  control them. Zeropest Australia’s technicians have the experience to correctly identify your pest, remove or treat them in the appropriate manner. 100% PEST FREE GUARANTEED* & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED*. Zeropest Australia’s technician have at our disposal an arsenal of treatments that remain long after our departure.

Zeropest Australia is able to collect and remove bee swarms and beehives without harming or killing the bees.

If you have discovered a hive of bees coming and going from an entrance or structure, Zeropest Australia's NO KILL specialist ONE stage Vacuum extraction equipment safely extracts the bees in ONE action transferring them directly to a Langstroth hive safely relocating them with minimal disturbance and NO mortality. Our Unique One Step system re units the Brood back with the Queen on site ensuring they continue on happily as before helping the world.

When you see bees in your house or anywhere in your property. There’s a high chance that there is a beehive nearby or they’re building one somewhere. That is a colorful structure built by the bees, hanging down in the corner of your garage or attached to something in your backyard; and that’s not good news. Zeropest Australia's No Kill Bee Removal techniques and Technicians are highly experienced in dealing with beehives.

We ensure full removal of the hive or swarm and proper disposal of it.

Our services can also include structural repairs and providing defensive measures to terminate further chances of any Beehive development should it be required.


Our treatment for wasp’s includes internal and external building / home dusting spraying as required to the nest, window frames, letter box, bins, paths, cracks, garden, crevices, pipe penetration holes, decking, pagodas, retaining walls, shed, meter box and garage, decking, compost bins, planter pots, pergolas, subfloor void,  roof void, internal walls, fire places and behind obstaclesNaturally all treatments utilised are evaluated based on your specific needs and circumstances, all treatments are naturally safe, environmentally safe and AQUAS approved. Zeropest Australia will treat the nest by applying Dust Starrdust®PRO which contains growth regulators ( IGR ), this dust as used by Zeropest Australia is the only dust in the world containing growth regulators. Starrdust®PRO is revolutionary in pest management because it combines a powerful knockdown adulticide as well as a long lasting IGR larvacide, providing long term residual control preventing reinfestation whilst ensuring the rapid knockdown effect expected by you the customer. Post dusting Zeropest Australia will remove the wasp nest if assessable, our treatments leave a safe residue behind to further deter establishment of nests. Wasp treatment and relocation is dangerous if you are not equipped appropriately or do not know what to do, we recommend calling Zeropest Australia urgently. A sting by a European wasp can be excruciating and may also cause nausea, vomiting and in some cases anaphylaxis.


AUSTRALIA’S ONLY GENUINE! 100% 12 MONTH PEST FREE GUARANTEE* & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE*.   That’s because we use highly effective pest control products and measure designed to eliminate and relocate many different pests in just minutes with no bothersome odour, harm or damage. Call Zeropest Australia NOW! 1800 38 66 55