FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions to Zero Pest Australia


If you’re new to Zeropest Australia and have a question regarding your upcoming pest service, you’ve come to the right place.


Is Your Company Covid 19 Compliant?

Do you Guarantee your work?

What If I don't Want To Block any Mice Or Rat Entry Points, Do I still Receive A Guarantee?

If I am still hearing mice or rat noises will you come back after initial treatment?

What are your Guarantee Terms and Conditions?

Are your technicians fully Licenced Pest Controller’s?

Are your pest controller’s / technicians Police Checked for our safety?

Are your pest controllers / technicians and company fully insured.

Do I need to stay or be home during our pest control works?

Are your products safe for my unborn or new born baby?

How Long Will I have To Vacate Home After Spraying Inside.

Will your products stain my floorcoverings, paint or furniture?

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Do you remove dead pests or animals?



Do you do exterior only spider treatments / sprays at a reduced charge.

Do I need to move any furniture, bedding, clothes, items from cupboards or pantry.

Do I need to vacate the home during treatment and when can we come home?

How long will the service take?

Can my Pets remain inside or Home during General Pest Spray, Ant, German Cockroach, food pests, carpet Beetle etc treatment?

Do you work on weekends?

Do you remove possums?

How do I know if I have a rat infestation or possum in the roof?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Which Suburbs Do You Service?

How Often Should I Have A Service Done?

What happens if it is raining?

Why am I seeing more pests after my treatment?

Do you treat outside when doing an End of lease treatment?

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