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End of Lease Pest Treatments

Moving house at the end of your lease can be stressful. There is a lot you need to think about and organise, including making sure that the property you are vacating is in great condition for the next tenant. One way that you can ensure this, is to get the property inspected for pests, including fleas. Although this may seem like an extra thing to add to your list, by contacting Zeropests Australia you can make your life a whole lot easy. When it comes to the end of lease pest control; our highly-trained technicians won’t just come in and just do a quick spray of the property; they know where pests like fleas are most likely to be and will use the correct treatment to make sure they are fully exterminated. Read More

Zeropest Australia: End of Lease Flea Treatment


Zeropest Australia is a pest control company that takes pest control seriously. Our technicians are highly trained, and you can count on them to investigate your issue thoroughly, come up with a solution and follow up on it. The methods that we use are safe, natural, and environmentally friendly. We also the latest and most innovative products around, which is why we can fix problems that other companies have been unable to.

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What Causes a Flea Infestation?

It is well known that pets can catch fleas, but once a pet has fleas, they can easily be transferred onto other things in your property such as curtains, carpets, cracks and crevices. Fleas don’t die when they no longer have a host; in fact, they can live for months without food. This means that if you don’t get the property treated for fleas when you vacate it, they could become a problem for the next tenant, even if they don’t have pets.

The technicians at Zeropest Australia know that fleas like to breed in moist, warm places, so they will be able to spot the areas with the right conditions and inspect them thoroughly. If signs of fleas are found, the problem will be treated efficiently, spraying a water-based insecticide spray both indoors in all the areas that fleas may be residing, and outdoors in grassy areas and garden beds. Its time for you to get the end of lease pest control fix!

What Makes Zeropest End of Lease Pest Control Different?

Residential pest control is a must if you want to save yourself heartaches and costly damages to your home. At Zeropests Australia we can fix problems and find solutions to issues that other companies have deemed impossible. We can do this because our technicians are highly trained, and the methods we use are new and innovative. There is never just one way to fix a problem. Our methods will change depending on the type of property and infestation.

The products that we use are carefully selected to ensure we are doing the best to protect both our customers and the environment. If you would like to vacate your premises during the treatment, you will be reassured that all of our technicians are Nationally Police Checked to give you peace of mind.

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We provide our pest control services for all of Melbourne. This includes areas such as pest control in Craigieburn to pest control in Dandenong, and everywhere in between.
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Zeropest Australia are the experts in tenant rental flea/pest treatment ensuring you receive your bond back.

We are here to help your move as affordable as possible and offer this heavily discounted rate to vacating tenants like you!


Naturally upon treatment completion we email you direct from site your receipt listing full details of your End Of Lease Pest Treatment.

You don't even have to hang around until completion! We can lock the door upon our departure, we can settle your account upon arrival via cash, credit card or EFTPOS ensuring you receive your bond back ASAP from your Real Estate agent.

Treatment Fixed Price Applies To Dwellings Up To A Maximum Dwelling Size Of 250 Square Meters, including Full-service Treatment Paper Work / Receipt Stating That Required Flea Treatment Has Been Completed To The Entire Dwelling.

When a tenant in a rental property vacates, it is their responsibility to leave the tenancy in a fit state for the next tenant and this may necessitate a number of things including a vacate bond flea treatment (end of lease flea treatment). Zeropest Australia makes life a little easier for everybody as we are very experienced at flea control procedures in rental properties. It’s not enough just to go into a house or apartment and do a quick spray around the skirting boards. Zeropest Australia knows the habits of fleas, know where and when they are likely to be present and know which treatment to perform to not only eliminate the obvious active fleas, but also make sure they don’t return in the future. Yes, fleas are hosted by animals from which they derive their nutrition, however, fleas can live for months without food and can remain in areas around previous pet activity, such as carpets, floorcoverings, curtains, cracks and crevices long after you and your pet has left the premises. Zeropest Australia’s technicians are trained and experienced in flea treatment procedures essential for a conducting a thorough vacate bond flea treatment. Zeropest Australia when performing a flea treatment, will conduct a pre inspection of the premises to see if there is currently any flea activity. We will check curtains, skirting boards, inside cupboards, wardrobes, floor coverings, around cupboards and other crack and crevices where fleas may be residing. We will then administer a water-based insecticide spray in all these areas, we also spray outdoor areas such as garden beds and grassed areas to make sure that potential flea activity is eliminated. Zeropest Australia recommends upon vacating to have carpets professionally steam cleaned prior to flea treatment to ensure the flea treatment application retains it residual on going effect.

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