Rat Exterminator Melbourne

Rat Exterminator Melbourne

Zero Pest Australia are the only pest control provider in Melbourne offering a lifetime guarantee on our work.


Why should I choose a rat exterminator in Melbourne

 If rats have moved into your home, it pays to get the problem seen to as quickly as possible. Rats will reproduce at a phenomenal rate, meaning that the difference between having to deal with a couple of invaders versus an unwanted rat army can be just a delay in action of a couple of months.

Similarly, rats are cursed with teeth that never stop growing. This means that they constantly need to be gnawing on something to keep their mouths under control. All of this means that a group of rats can cause a serious amount of damage in a small amount of time. If you’ve got rats, you want a rat exterminator Melbourne.

 How can an exterminator help if I have rats?

There are plenty of DIY devices and preventative measures you can find online, but none are a sufficient replacement for having a qualified expert visit your home.

A rat exterminator will be able to guide you on where pests are entering your residence, and if there’s anything you can do to reduce the attractiveness of your property to them.

Once the basics have been established, they’ll be able to start the process of ridding you of your infestation.

A professional exterminator will know where to set bait stations in order to be most  effective, and they’ll know exactly how many are required, depending on your level of infestation and your property.

Not to mention, they’ll also make the entire process simpler for you!

So what do you guarantee?

 We’re the only rat control company in Melbourne offering you either a 5 year or lifetime guarantee on our work.

5 Year Guarantee

Upon completion of work, we’ll provide you with a plan for proofing and barrier to entry. If you follow this, we’re so confident in the results that we’ll happily guarantee the work for 5 years. T&Cs

Lifetime Guarantee

If you engage us to come back out after the successful extermination of your rats  to block and proof your entry points, then we’ll guarantee you to be rat free for life! Full terms and conditions can be found on the appropriate page of our website.