Rat Control Melbourne

Rat Control Melbourne

Zero Pest Australia are the only pest control provider in Melbourne offering a lifetime guarantee on our work.


How do I know if I’ve got rats?

There a number of clues that you could have a rat problem at your property. If you have experienced any of the following, it’s best to investigate rat control in Melbourne immediately.

Sightings - If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to actually spot a rat in your home, it’s safe to assume it wasn’t a once-off visit.

Droppings - Small droppings (particularly in food storage areas) or the roof are a dead giveaway that rodents of some sort (and likely rats) have found a way into your home.

Unusual Noises - If you can hear scurrying sounds, scratching, hissing or thumping particularly in the walls, ceilings and around areas of food storage/preparation - there’s a good chance you’ve got unwanted visitors in your home.

Should I be worried if I’ve got rats?

While it’s probably not quite time to move out and burn your property to the ground, both black and brown rats are pests, and both can spread disease in a number of ways. They can also chew through your water pipes or electrical wires, causing substantial damage.

So what do you guarantee?

 We’re the only rat control company in Melbourne offering you either a 5 year or lifetime guarantee on our work.

5 Year Guarantee

Upon completion of work, we’ll provide you with a plan for proofing and barrier to entry. If you follow these simple recommendations, we’re so confident in the results that we’ll happily guarantee the rodent treatment for 5 years. T&Cs

Lifetime Guarantee

If you engage us to come back out after the successful extermination of your rats  to block and proof your entry points, then we’ll guarantee you to be rat free for life! Full terms and conditions can be found on the appropriate page of our website.